Trellis of chestnut wooden sticks | Vilarnau

Trellis of chestnut wooden sticks

Emparrado con palos de castaño - Vilarnau

In new vineyard of Xarel·lo which we have just planted and from which we will obtain the future new vintages of Capricis Vilarnau , we have decided to train the vines by trellis of chestnut wooden sticks. This is the same wood as the barrels where our Capricis is aged. This is an ecological way. The wood doesn’t need to be treated by chemicals due to the high level of tannins in the chestnut wood that gives a better resistance. This way we can preserve it better along the years. It can be preserved for more than 50 years, a longer time than the pine wooden stickers which are treated chemically. Compounds in the pine wooden stickers are introduced in the proper wood, which are filtered by the rain and along the time to the ground. It doesn’t happen in the chestnut wooden stickers.